Why Us?

ECSI - leading the way in Explosives Risk Management Consulting agency

Why Us

Our Mission Statement

We aim to eliminate the continued impact of explosives remnants in national, regional and local communities in the shortest time possible by integrating commercial aspirations with those of the humanitarian; the risk management with the developmental and the technical management with the field operations.

About the Company

D.D. Malan trading as ECSI and its network of consultants has obtained specialised experience in Southern Africa, Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia. These projects have involved consultancy in the specialised field of Explosives Risk Management, mine clearance and explosives device countermeasures.

Over the years ECSI has developed into a full service Explosives Risk Management Consultancy.  Every organization we have worked with has its own specific requirements, needs and resources. ECSI has conducted numerous contracts across the world in support of mineral mining, oil and gas exploration and developmental projects, as well as the humanitarian development programs.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to our clients. We are realistic and effective. Our reputation is without parallel in the field of Explosive Risk Management.

David Daniƫl Malan, sole proprietor of Explosive Countermeasures Solutions International, is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, with 16 years experience in bomb disposal, landmine clearance and explosives management and can best be described as a Countermeasures Specialist. Mr. Malan is a member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers at Cranfield University and International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI)