Ebinger Metal Detectors

Professional, quality metal detectors from Ebinger, Germany

Ebinger Metal Detectors

ECSI is the authorized dealer and service agent for Ebinger Metal Detectors in South Africa. We do repairs and service of all Ebinger Metal Detectors with a guaranteed  turnaround time and service to our clients in Africa.

Ebinger Metal Detectors have been for 35 years internationally renown and widespread in the fields of:

• EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal
• Humanitarian mine action
• Battle area clearance (BAC)
• Forensic police work and law enforcement-
• Security and access control such as i.e. in penitentiaries, airports, public events
• Industry
• Archaeology and Scientific research
• Metal detectors for humanitarian mine action
• Wands and walk through metal detector gates for security
• Magnetic anomaly locators for bomb disposal
• Large Loop metal detectors for battle area and munitions clearance
• Underwater metal detectors for a wide range of application

Please Contact Us for the full range of Ebinger® Metal Detectors for landmine and BAC tasks as well as devices for Security Applications.