Explosive Mitigation

ECSI's EXM²™ risk management model minimises risks and losses

Explosive Mitigation

There is a growing understanding and acceptance that there are principles which are common to all disciplines - managing risk in order to reduce losses. There is a need for a structured approach towards managing any type of risk, as resources have been allocated in the past for the reduction of injuries and forms of loss, without always first establishing the level of risk involved. This often results in either inadequate control measures or sometimes literally wasting money on safety, quality and maintenance.

Through our network of experienced associates we can offer the full range of services in assisting its clients with crisis and incident management in the explosives milieu, especially in war torn regions, where terrorist/organized crime attacks have already taken place, as well as in more routine SHEQ applications. The consultancy service, manifest itself in the form of a Explosives Risk Management and Countermeasure “toolbox”, based on Explosive Mitigation Model (EXM²™).

The Explosive Mitigation Model (EXM²™)

A cornerstone of managing explosives risk/threat is the use of mitigation, as it is aimed at the reduction of impact that disasters cause by explosive blasts may have on people and property. Mitigation technologies and methodologies can be exploited to prevent blast related disasters from happening and to ensure essential work areas can remain operational or re-open more quickly after an event. In order to provide for your unique organizational characteristics, we make use of our Explosive Mitigation Model (EXM²™) to provide an individual solution.

EXM²™ was designed and developed in modular format and has the capability to provide the following blast mitigation services:

Module 1:
Assessment of the potential vulnerability to loss incurred due to poor management of commercial Explosives or exposure to Explosives Remnants of war and Improvised Explosive Devices.

Module 2:
Assessment of the awareness in terms of Explosives Risk Management, Explosives Operational Application and the existence of Explosives Remnants of War or Improvised Explosive Devices. 

Module 3:
Explosives risk management and countermeasure training which includes staff training at all levels. This includes security related courses, seminars and lectures for individuals, enterprises and government authorities. The EXM²™ courses are presented by experienced and highly qualified instructors.

Module 4:

Explosives Mitigation Support Services

EXM²™ is the base for the following pillars of Explosives Countermeasure Solutions for the International market:

  1. Onshore Exploration Advisory Service
  2. Landmine and UXO Clearance Consultancy Service
  3. Bomb Threat Countermeasures Training
  4. Ebinger® Metal Detectors
  5. Landmine And UXO Safety Handbook For Africa 
  6. Mine Clearance and EOD Logistics Support